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The 12 Biggest Mistakes Entry-Level Job-Seekers Make

good read

somewhat off topic.

here’s a little foto documentary of a really cool old camera flea market i went to.beautiful details and lovely industrial design as far as the eye could see.


dorm life

construction site tour! yay

studio rap

rural dreams..

so here’s a little design i decided to do recently

exam procrastination i guess..

99 posts


communist leftovers

it’s a canopy design. i love the attention to detail they had back than..

veliko tyrnovo // bulgaria

exams,projects and a relationship..

dc tower 1

dominique perrault
wien // austria

with its 220m, it’s going to be the tallest building in austria.
completion planned for september 2013

swimming pool ruins


wien // austria

"Flämmarbeiten lösten 2001 einen Brand am Dach des Hauptsaales aus: Der Dachstuhl stürzte ein, der denkmalgeschützte große Saal fing Feuer. Die Feuerwehr war tagelang im Volleinsatz."

every time i look for “student” appartments..